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Welcome to Mongolia

Visitors tell us our hospitality is unrivaled. In a nomadic culture, where people are always on the move, being a quest of strangers is an everyday occurrence. On Mongolia’s rugged steppes, where weather is extreme and distances are vast, turning away a guest is unthinkable. Here, guest are welcomed into home and treated as they’re going. Hot tea and a streaming bowl of soup are offered as freely as saying “Hello” as are invitations to stay for a while at a herder’s ger, or even an urban family’s apartment. Hospitality, perhaps above all else, is what impresses visitors most about Mongolian people. Unlike the barbaric reputation of ancient Mongol warriors, modern Mongolia is a nation with open arms and affection for visitors. To be a visitor in Mongolia is to be an honored guest in the shared home of an entire people. Come and let us be your host!

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