Bogd khaan winter palace museum

Bogd khaan winter palace museum

Bogd Khaan winter palce museum locates Chinggis avenue, Khan-Uul district, in Ulaanbaatar. This palace known as The green palace was built between 1893-1903 during 10 years by Mongolian masters and dedicated to the YIII Bogd gegeen, the head of lamaist religion & last khaan of Mongolia. In 1911 there was formed The Bogd  khaan state and the YIII Bogdo gegeen assumed political authority over Mongolia as the Bogd khaan or "Holy King" and continued to govern as a constitutional monarch from the time of the Mongolian People's Revolution in 1921 until his death of illness in 1924. After Bogd khaan's death in 1924 it was turned into museum Bogd khaan palace was founded as the first National historical museum of Mongolia. In 1954 was founded The state central museum and the Bogd khaan palace museum became the branch museum. Since 2000 the museum is activiting as Bogd khaan palace museum.Now the Bogd khaan palace museum consists of seven Summer Prayer temples and the winter palace. The collections of the museum includes unique and valuable objects related to Mongolia's political, religious, and artistic history from the 17 to early 20-th centuries: bronze castings, silk paintings, mineral paintings, and paper icons made by well-known artists and artisans of the period, among others the first Bogdo Javzundamba Zanabazar and his school; as well as objects owned and used by the YIII Bogdo Javzundamba and his wife queen Dondogdulam, including royal clothing and equipment, gifts from domestic and foreign guests or representatives, and items purchased by the king for his own diversion. The collection of the museum is consists of a great number of original objects and works of art from the Bogd khaan palace and is divided into 12 parts: sculpture, scrolls paintings/thangka/, applique, wood carving, religious objects, clothes, furniture, decorative arts, collection of stuffed animal, special collection, support collection and architecture.. Also all exhibits is divided into: high level category, valuable category and original category. Nowadays we have 68 exhibits of high level category and 23 exhibits of valuable category. The number of these categories will be increasing. Exhibits of high level category includes gilded bronze sculptures made by the famous master Zanabazar and school of Zanabazar, thangka paintings from the XIX-XX centuries, the painting shown the capital city of Mongolia 1912 made by Jugder, original paintings made by founder of Mongolian modern painting B.Sharav and expensive clothes of Bogd khaan and his Queen.




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Hours & Fee:

            Hours:      Winter: 1 / X-15 / IV, 10:00 - 18:00 Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
                              Summer: 1 / IV - 1 / X, Daily 09:00 - 20:00

            Fee:           Foreigners and Mongolians are 8000 MNT
                              Student is 3000 MNT
                              The child is 1500 MNT