Menen Steppe

Dornod Menen Endless Steppe

The biggest plain area of Mongolia is Menen steppe located in Dornod province
The steppe is located in the west of Buir Lake and is over 90 km long and over 60 km wide. This is one of the biggest steppes in the world which has kept its native land and there are a plenty of pasture plants, antelopes, wolves as well as rare animals.

Menen Steppe is huge area with small hills which border basin of Numrug and Khalkh Gol Rivers. Usually Mongolian antelopes grazes and hundreds of them flock and pass winter here. You can see the beauty of the steppe where the perennial, nutritious and segmented grass swings in the Menen steppe. You will feel to exclaim what a grass sea.

The eastern region aimags are the home to Mongolian antelopes which have now become very rare in the world. The halves of the antelopes out of three millions in Mongolia flock only in Dornod province. It is impossible to separate native feather grass, huge flock of antelopes and famous Menen Steppe.