Eg Uur Valley, Eg-Uur river

Eg Uur Valley

The Eg River is 474 km in length with a 40,454 km2 catchment area is the only outflow of Lake Huvsgul and flows south where it meets with the Uur River, 331 km in length with 12,300 km2 catchment area. The combined Eg-Uur flows another 200 km until it reaches Selenge River, a tributary of Lake Baikal.

Wooden bridges exist near Khatgal and in Tünel sum, and a concrete bridge has been built in Erdenebulgan. In Bulgan aimag there is a bridge between Teshig and Khutag-Öndör sums.

The Erdenebulgan sum was founded, together with the whole Khövsgöl province, in 1931. In 1933, it had about 2,600 inhabitants in 792 households, and about 41,000 heads of livestock. In 1956, it was joined with Tsagaan-Üür. In 1959, the Eg-Üür farm was founded, and Erdenebulgan became separate again. In 1975, the sum was dissolved once more, the state farm became part of another farm, but both the sum and the farm were reestablished again in 1985. The state farm split up into several smaller firms in the mid-1990s.