Khujirt hot spa

South of Erdenezuu Khujirt is a health spa located at the bank of Khujirt River, near to Khujirt town. The spa is frequently visited by local people, and now it welcomes foreign visitors. Water tempertaure at the spa reaches +55C. The place offers beautiful natural view very convenient for outdoor camping. There is not much else to see here, except for the small Gandan Peljelin monastery which has contingent of 15 part time monks. Most travelers pass through town route to the Orkhin waterfall. There are some interesting grave sites worth looking out for a couple of km out of town on the road to Kharkhorin. The road between Kharkhorin and Khujirt is one of the best places in the country to see falcons and hawks. If you are ever likely to get a photo one of the these birds, it is the place.