Khurugiin khundii valley

Khurgiin khundii, Mongolia

Khurgiin Khundii Valley is in distance of 40km West of Shiliin Bogd Mountain. Here a dozen or so ancient (pre-Chinggis Khaan) stone statues lay on the ground. The origins of these statues are debated. But scholars consider that it is representing famous people from the region and dated to Turkish period 6-8A.D. But local people has story about it as these statues were built to commemorate local women who jumped off a nearby mountain because they were forced to marry men they didn't love. Near this statue there is a small beautiful place for camping is Bichigtiin Shahaa canyon.
There are 4 man stones named as Nobleman, Queen, Son and Bride in Dariganga village area. They were proved to be memorials belong to a same period because of their appearance, clothing and decorations. But, stones used to make them vary. The man stone, known as Bride stone among public, was proved to be a representation of a man as a result of a study by D.Tseveendorj, a director of Archeological Institute in Scientific Academy. According to his explanation it was named Bride, because of the locals’ willingness to bring it close to their life. Deels /outer gown/ of dressed man stones, which belong to Mongolians-ruling period, have a breast on the right side, while that of Turkic period have a breast on left side.
One of many myths related to these man stones is following: Once upon a time, there lived a nobleman with his subjects and relatives in this land. Once he went for hunting with his subjects and let flock of gazelles fall down the steep rock. As a result, they were punished severely by the heaven and his lineage was washed away. So, after that his family was buried with their belongings in this land and man stones for them were built. And it is supposed that the inscription on the Bichigt rock warned descendents not to repeat their action. On the other hand, researchers claim these man stones are memorials for sacrificing golden lineage of Chinggis khan.