Sainshand city

Sainshand is the capital of Dornogovi province in Mongolia. It is located in the eastern Gobi desert steppe, on the Trans-Mongolian Railway.
The city has a population of 25000 residents. The territory of Sainshand sum consists of 5 bags (communes). The first three bags make up the main part of the city, Uvur (Southern), the fourth bag is the Ar (Northern) part, and the fifth bag is the remote settlement Zuunbayan, 46 kilometres (29 mi) south from the main part of the city.
The railway station on the Trans-Mongolian Railway is found in this northern part.
he northern and southern parts are divided by a range of hills.
The restored Buddhist monastery Khamariin Khiid (monastery) is 30 kilometres south of the city, and Sainshand itself houses a museum dedicated to the nineteenth century monastic and literary figure Danzanravjaa, a prominent leader of the Nyingma (Red Hat) school of Tibetan Buddhism.
Within the Sainshand sum, the Zuunbayan bag is an oil production settlement and located 46 kilometres south of the main city.