Shargaljuut hot spa

Shargaljuut (Mongolian: Шаргалжуут) hot spa/spring is an urban-type settlement geographically located in the Erdenetsogt sum (district) of Bayankhongor Province in southern Mongolia. Officially Shargaljuut is a bag (commune) under Bayankhongor city jurisdiction, but situated 54 km NE from the city on Shargaljuut river in Khangai Mountains at 2136 m elevation.
The Shargaljuut Hot Spring is popular since ancient times. It has been used since 300 years because of its medicinal qualities. This hot spring is situated at a distance of 42 kms from Erdenetsogt sum which is 680 kms west of Ulan Baatar, the capital city of Mongolia. In today’s date there are thermal manifestations here and this comprise a huge area of steaming ground and various low flowing springs that give nearly boiling waters. 

This hot spring is based in the Shargaljuut Valley which is in between the Khangai Mountain Range. The sulphur-rich Shargaljuut, with its 108 springs, is known for its curative powers. Its healing waters stream out of granite and crystal rocks at temperatures from +45C to +96C. Its waters agitate blood vessels and help blood circulation and internal secretions. Each of Shargaljuut’s springs is dedicated to healing a different part of the body.Many people visit this hot spring yearly and enjoy the exhilarating features of this hot spring. This hot spring is said to be effective for skin diseases, blood pressure problems, stomach ailments, rheumatic fever and diseases affecting the nervous system.