Zagiin Us Hooloi - Saxual tree valley

Zagiin Us Hooloi - Saxual Trees Valley

This is very wide valley with sand dunes, saxaul trees and salt licks. The valley is 60 km from Ulziit soum Centre. Saxaul tress cover a 10000 ha area here. The Saxaul tress in this area are younger than other saxual-tree forests. The west part of the area is called Modon Ovoonii Gobi while the east part is called Ulaan Gobi. This area represents Gobi land scape. The surface of the land has many deep ravines and rubble as well as some escarpments and short hills. Sand dunes including Khavtgai and Javkhlant sand dunes are in this area. Wild leek, saltwort and mat grass dominate the flora scene here, while desert plants are in the short hills and among the rubble. This area is rich in black tailed gazelle. Rolling rocky hills, saxaul trees and sand dunes are very good conditions for black tailed gazelle. Wildcats, wolves, foxes and some birds like the sand grouses are also in abundance. People and livestock cannot stay for long periods in this areas as water is rarely found here. Zagiin Usny Khooloi has been protected since 1996. Zagiin Khooloi- Saxual Valley lies in the middle of Gobi Desert, south side of Gobi Gurvan Saikhan national park.