Mandukhai Fourist Camp -Bayankhongor Mongo

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Address:Bayankhongor sum, Bayankhongor, Mongolia
Phone:976-9944-2009, 976-9947-2888, 976-9999-7767, 976-8998-2807
City/Area:Bayankhongor, show on map

Mandukhai Tourist Camp

We have begun Bayankhongor Province’s tourism development, and focus on showing guests the beauty of the Gobi, our fertile pastures, a look at the history and culture of the Land of the Blue Sky, a chance to see Mongolia’s endangered animals, and the home of some of the richest dinosaur finds in the world. Mandukhai happily welcomes overseas and domestic guests. 

Camp amenities:

Accommodations for up to 80 guests 
Dedicated hotel of 4 and 5-walled gers
10- walled ceremonial ger for special events (seats 100)
Terrace for food and drinks (seats 30)
Restaurant (seats 50)
Volleyball and basketball courts
Indoor table tennis and billiards 
Gardens and greenery
A variety of traditional Mongolian dairy products from neighboring herders 
Field for outdoor celebrations and fireworks 
Museum tour
Buun tsagaan, orog lake tour 

  • Smoking area
  • Restaurant
  • Pets allowed

Available Rooms

coming soon...