Tavan Dohio Ger Camp | Dornogobi, Mongolia

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Address:Sainshand, Dornogobi, Mongolia
Phone:976-9509-0151, 976-9587-2038
City/Area:Dornogovi, show on map

Tavan Dokhio Ger Camp

"Khuduu Aral" is a historical place where was located a capital city ("shar Ord") of Chinggis Khan Empire in X11 - X111 centures. Chinggis Khan Memorial Center is located at this sacred site on the legendary Kherlen river. The center consists of twenty white gers (Mongolian traditional housing) where displayed the expositions related to the glory and history of world's greatest conqueror. A guest of "Khuduu Aral" camp can enjoy the beauty of Mongolian steppes, visit the sacred sites and mountains mentioned in Chinggis Khan's chronicle, benefit from healing waters of Avarga spring, see the Tombs that built on the pastureland of his horses and bathe in the Avarga Toson Lake where Chinggis Khan used to rest with his sons in the summer time. Tourist will visit the mausoleums of great Khans located in the valleys of Khailant Mountain, taste the refreshing cold waters of Senkhuur spring, observe the way of nomads' life, experience horse-back and camel-back riding, take a ride on the horse carriage and enjoy traditional Mongolian barbecue and other delicious grills cooked of mutton and marmot meat. "Khuduu Aral" camp is located in 200 meters from the Memorial center of Chinggis Khan. The visitor will enjoy a wide range of Asian and European ciusine in the exotic ambience of ger-restaurant. Ger hotel is equipped with comfortable beds, restrooms and showers to provide all means for pleasant time. It takes 4 - 5 hours to get the Ger camp from Ulaanbaatar (240 km) take a paved road to Baganuur (140 km) and the enhanced road through bridge across Kheren river and you are in the beautiful scenery of Khrlen river.

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