Mongolian Culture and Traditions

Nomadic lifestyle

The conceptions that nomadic living is uncivil are became spread. Before livestock husbandry of animals Mongolians carried out agriculture.Read more

Mongolian Ger, Mongolian Yurts

Mongolian Ger

The ger is a home for Mongolians over 2500 year and ideal place to Mongol's world outlook, life and custom. The materials of the ger are lightweight that make it easy...Read more

Mongolian religion

Mongolian religion

Mongolian’s first religion was shamanism, it arose during the Clan structure. At that time it was simple, just magic. According to archeological findings, about 100000-40000 year before... Read more

Mongolia traditional dance, Folk dance, folklore of Mongolian

Folk dance and folklore

Mongolian folk dance is a specific world of culture with rich funds. Dance motions that can be made within a restricted space is compensated for by the expressive motions...Read more

Traditonal Mongolian music, Mongolian music

Traditonal Mongolian Music

Morin Khuur, a two stringed fiddle figures prominently in the nomadic culture of Mongolia. String instruments adorned with horse heads are referred to by written sources dating back from the Mongol empire of the thirteenth...Read more

Fine Art Mongolia, Mongolian fine art, Culture of Mongolia

Mongolian fine arts

The Mongolian People’s Republic is situated in the centre of the Asian continent. Since hoary past, this territory had been inhabited by different tribes and people, superseding...Read more

Mongolian language, language

Mongolian language & Literacy

Mongolian language is one of oldest languages in the world. During the great conquest Mongolian language was near to Lingua Francia. There are some hypothesis that, Altai languages such Mongolian...Read more

Mongolian custom

Mongolian traditional custom

Mongolian’s custom is a great cultural and historical achievement and Chinggis Khaan’s “Great Yasa” code, shamanism and influence of nomadic existence was reflected to the custom. Read more

Mongolian wrestling, Mongolian national sport, bokh,ömsgöl, Bökh

Mongolian wrestling

The Mongolian national wrestling, known as Bökh, is a most popular event of Naadam – national independence celebration. This is one of the oldest sporting events in Mongolia...Read more

Mongolian traditional cuisine

Taste of Mongolia

Traditional Mongolian staple is simple yet filling with hearty soups, cooked or broiled meat (beef, mutton), pasta and plenty of dairy products.Read more