Mongolian’s world outlook, persuasion, life styles, education methods and other national values reflected through the custom. The custom’s function in rule of conduct in the society and regulation of people’s relations is important. Mongolian’s custom is a great cultural and historical achievement and Chinggis Khaan’s “Great Yasa” code, shamanism and influence of nomadic existence was reflected to the custom. Here are some examples of them.

For a visiting and hosting: When you visit, must avoid to point with fingers, speak on high tone. A hostess must give a choicest part to hoist before give to visitor, a knife, spoon and fork must be given with keeping end. When you part with don’t have to. For a kitchen tradition: Don’t pour water to milk, must pour milk to water, and must be use salt little as possible. When are eat, don’t speak loudly.

Mongolian hospitality is legendary and is a very influential part of culture and custom. Travelers are welcomed in the Ger to entertain with meals; all sorts of drinking and eating in Ger. Strangers are made to feel, welcome almost any time and in a place. Neighbors are warm-hearted allies and mainstay for the Mongolian nomads as they pursue their difficult way of life. Cooperation, courtesy and considerate behavior towards others are very perfect part of Mongolian custom.