The Mongolian leader Ts.Elbegdorj gave answers to the media accompanying him during the ASEM Summit in Italy, said on Saturday the President’s website.

Question: It has just been announced that Mongolia will host the 11th ASEM Summit. Please share Your feelings and impression at this moment.

Answer: This is indeed a splendid moment. To be chosen a host country of ASEM Summit testifies how highly Mongolia is regarded internationally. This is a great news, great joy for the Mongolian people, we must congratulate and thank our people. Every Mongolian citizen has contributed to the good name and high reputation of Mongolia. The success of the people of Mongolia is acknowledged, and Asia and Europe accord trust and confidence in Mongolia.

Fifty three countries have joined the ASEM. This 10th ASEM Summit is being attended by heads of state or government of 43 of 53 of its members. The scope of the Asia-Europe Meeting encompasses over 60% of the world’s trade. It is a great responsibility for us to host and organize ASEM summit in 2016. The 11th ASEM Summit is special because it marks the 20th anniversary of establishment of this organization.

Q: What are the dates of the 11th ASEM Summit?

A: We discussed the dates with the leaders of European and Asian countries. The UN and other major international meetings usually take place in autumn. For Mongolia, the most suitable time falls at the end of July. So we agreed to organize the ASEM Summit in the last week of July of 2016.

Q: What about organizational matters?

A: ASEM Summit is not only a meeting of the heads of state and governments. A series of other meetings including Parliamentarians’ meeting, business engagements and forums, public and NGO meetings take place prior to the Summit, and a number of documents are adopted and decisions are made. Starting from tomorrow, we shall form working groups at the government, line ministries and relevant organizations to ensure effective preparation. People are indeed very happy. I receive numerous phone calls from Mongolia – Prime Minister, Speaker and many others call. The news of Mongolia’s hosting the ASEM Summit is being received as the news as if we were to host Olympics or World Soccer Championship. I am sincerely happy for the fact that all heads of state of all 53 members have unanimously supported Mongolia’s hosting.

 Mongolians all together shall mobilize all efforts to successfully host this important meeting, bringing together Asia and Europe. We Mongolians did connect these two continents in the past. Eight centuries ago, Mongols established our great empire and established new order in the two continents. Now, eight hundred years ago, we have another such opportunity. It is not an issue of one or two presidents or prime ministers coming to Mongolia. It is a matter of couple of dozens, 53 heads of state and governments coming to Mongolia and discussing global affairs in Mongolia.

Q: It is not an easy task, is it?

A: It is not easy to organize such a meeting of such a scale. We all know of the loads of work to do to ensure preparations for a visit of just one President or Prime Minister. Because this is not easy, we shall cooperate with the European Union and other countries to study experiences. We shall also work with regional groups. We can do it, we will. We did make a very courageous step when submitting our candidature. Frankly speaking, I didn’t expect such a great support. We must repay this trust and confidence in us b hard work. We will act all together – the government, the businesses, the public, and we will and can do it.

Q: Why was Mongolia given the right to host this Summit? And how will Mongolia benefit from it?

A: Of course, other Asian countries did want to win this right. And, importantly, the discussion, the decision to give Mongolia this right was not sudden. This is a result of many years of hard work in our international relations, this is a result of a hard work of our working groups. It also sets a performance criterion for Mongolia. Since Mongolia is capable to host such a large international summit, we will be able to host major international sports and cultural events too, and such opportunities will open up too. This, in its turn, will strengthen international trust and confidence in our businesses, NGOs, general public. Therefore, the value, the significance of such important international summits are truly enormous for Mongolia.