The cabinet will focus its main policy into stabilizing the national economy in order to overcome current economic difficulties. Supporting the private sector will be a pillar of this policy, so the cabinet wants to hear businessmen’s opinions about creating proper solutions.

The Prime Minister Ch.Saikhabileg said it when he convened businessmen on Thursday.

The new cabinet will implement a pragmatic policy for support business. In other words, the cabinet works will be evaluated by the number of successfully realized project not by the number of regulations or rules, the Premier emphasized.

Mentioning that the cabinet meeting on Wednesday made some decision on backing businesspeople and gave obligations to Ministries, Saikhanbileg said a National Council will be set up at the Prime Minister to co-implement proframmes on promoting the national economy. This council aims to reflect the private sector’s proposals and opinions in the state policy to be focused on stabilizing the macro economy, attracting external and domestic investments, improving the business environment and activating the great construction works and foreign trade, and it is open for businessmen to offer their representatives to the council, the Premier said.

The Prime Minister pointed out the government has submitted to parliament some ten bills on abolishing bureaucracy and several phases at the state, which block the private sector’s actions, and added that the cabinet will make efforts to approve these documents. Effective reforms will be done in the actions of taxes and customs, he went on.

“The Prime Minister has invited all political parties at parliament to the new cabinet, and it was a right step. The establishment of the economic council by the party- and faction-free cabinet was a correct solution,” the businessmen emphasized.

Co-organized by the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI), the Unified Association of Employers and the “CEO” club, the meeting brought together authorities of some 70 companies.