Authority for Fair Competition and Customer’s Rights has issued a list of highest-grossing films of 2014. Among such 39 screened, a "Trapped Abroad" has topped the list, having made income of MNT 433 million.

This film is about an officer of the Authority for Foreign Nationals who goes to China in order to solve a dispute with a criminal group that transfers illegal Chinese work force to Mongolia, then falls into a deeper problem by having killed a member of the group and gets chased by them.

The film has drawn attentions of the audience, having shown a pressing issue of the Chinese illegal immigrants in Mongolia. The "Trapped Abroad" is directed by J.Sengedorj and is starred by B.Amarsaikhan.  

It was followed by "The Heartbreaker"–with income of MNT 424 million, "Shock of Happiness"-- MNT 371 million, "Double Strike"-- MNT 325 million, "Special Operation"-- MNT 294 million, "My brother is a chieftain"--MNT 324 million, and "You are the finest"--MNT 116 million.