You can enjoy a relaxing fishing holiday in the exquisite Mongolia countryside. Freshwater and saltwater fishing make Mongolia a special destination for anglers.

Fishing Season

The fishing season in Mongolia legally opens on June 15th and closes November 1.

Spring fishing season begins in end of May and end of June when the winter is over and rivers are at their lowest. Early spring is an idyllic time of year when the fishing is excellent and the hillsides are carpeted with alpine flowers.

July and August are the rainy seasons in Mongolia and thus not the ideal time for fishing. However, giant Taimen may be fished throughout the season until early/mid-October. Thereafter temperatures plummet.

The autumn fishing season starts from end of August till October 20th. During this period, there is no rain and water is usually transparent and at a low level, enabling the best catch.

Mongolia Fishing Regulations and Licensing

Foreigners travelling to Mongolia cannot just pitch up and go fishing. All foreign fisherman needs a fishing permit. Permits are obtained from national park administration offices or from the Mongolian Ministry of Nature and Environment. As getting permits is a time consuming duty, we will arrange all your fishing permits before you arrive in Mongolia.