Historical Places in Mongolia

Historical places of Mongolia, the greatest wealth of Mongolia is probably history and Mongolia has countless historical places. Mongolia is also the setting for many important historical events and legend.

The most impressive historical places of Mongolia:

Bogd khaan winter palace museum

Bogd Khaan winter palce museum locates Chinggis avenue, Khan-Uul district, in Ulaanbaatar. This palace known as The green palace was built between 1893-1903 during 10 years by Mongol...

Burkhan Khaldun Mountain

Burkhan Khaldun mountain is considered to be the birthplace of Chinggis khaan, as well as one of the rumored locations of his tomb. This mountain is rich in archaeological history, with over 800 bu...

Baldan Bereeven monastery

The Baldan Bereeven Monastery and its associated landscape is situated in the long and deep valley of the Baruun Jargalant River and within several picturesque sacred mountains such as Munkh Ulziit...

Aurag ord, Khuduu Aral

Huduu Aral is 20x30km and is a fairly wide Steppe. There was found first Mongolian city Aurag by an excavation. The world-famous Secret History of the Mongols was written 1240. Most related events ...