Nature Attractions in Mongolia

Mongolia is a country where you can find an enormous variety of natural attractions that you can't see anywhere else in the world. Come and explore the national parks, natural protection areas, nature parks and natural monuments in Mongolia.

Natural monuments

The natural beauty of Mongolia is unlimited. There are so many of unique formations, as well. Eternally snow-capped mountains, huge forests, boundless steppe and sand dunes can be explored all over the country.

Khuvsgul lake, Mongolia, Destination

Khuvgul Lake, freshest and deepest lake in Central Asia, is positioned in a North South direction with an oval shape. Its length is 133.4 km from north to south while widest is 39.5 km from west to...

Gorkhi , Terelj national park

Lying in the valley of the Terelj River 80 km northeast of Ulaanbaatar, Terelj national park has long been a holiday resort for people from the capital and short – stay tourists. It is one o...


The Gobi Desert is the source of many important fossil finds, including the first dinosaur eggs. The Gobi is a large desert region in Asia. It covers parts of northern and northwestern China, an...

Kharkhiraa valley, Kharkhiraa river

Kharkhiraa valley. Kharkhiraa river valley is an excellent camping spot and good base from which to see the surrounding countryside. You will find it 30km south west of Ulaangom, the capital of Uv...

Khan Khentii strictly protected area,Khan Khentii

The Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area is a 12,270 km2 (4,740 sq mi) government administered Strictly Protected Area in the Khentii aimag (province) in Eastern Mongolia. Strictly Protected A...