Trekking and Hiking in Mongolia

Mongolia is wonderful for trekking and hiking with its spectacular scenery. Walking tours are the ideal option for being together with nature, roaming around freely and enjoying the environment.

Trekking and Hiking

Mongolia is ideal for those who like trekking and at the same time take in spectacular scenery. You can hike in this largely mountainous country, or trekking in the national parks of Mongolia.

Mongolia is a mountainous country with beautiful scenery and large areas of unspoiled countryside, which are wonderful natural preserves for an extraordinary variety of wildlife, flora and fauna. The mountainous nature of the country has had a strong influence on its cultural evolution. For centuries, nomads and semi nomadic peoples have lived here and migrated annually with their livestock to the fresh pastures of the mountains and hills around. These alpine meadows, still represent a firm tie to traditional culture.

Trekking allows you to get away from the crowds and discover the true beauty of Mongolia; the friendly villagers, remote historic sites and stunning scenery. Serious climbers will probably want to explore Mongolia's rich interior and mountainous east but even by walking a short distance inland from some of the busiest coastal resorts, it can feel as if you are in a different world.