UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Mongolia has 3 properties inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List, 10 nominated properties in the UNESCO Tentative List. Discover Mongolia's cultural and historical heritages, raise awareness in transferring Mongolia's cultural heritage to future generations.

Unesco Tentative List of Mongolia (10)

  • Tsagaan salaa rock painting (1996)
  • Khoit tsenkher cave rock painting (1996)
  • Mongolia Sacred Mountains: Bogd Khan, Burkhan Khaldun, Otgon Tenger (1996)
  • Gobi Gurvansaikhan Desert Fossil (1996)
  • Great Gobi Desert (1996)
  • Amarbayasgalant monastery and sacred cultural landscape (1996)
  • The Upper Tsagaan Gol Complex (2009)
  • Sacred Binder Mountain and its associated cultural heritage sites (2012)
  • Baldan Bereeven Monastry and its sacred surroudings (2012)
  • Mongolian Daurian Landscape (2012)

UNESCO World Heritage List of Mongolia:

Orkhon Valley monument

Orkhon Valley clearly demonstrates how a strong and persistent nomadic culture led to the development of extensive trade networks and the creation of large administrative, commercial, military and ...

Uvs Lake, Uvs nuur

Uvs lake is the northernmost of the enclosed basins of Central Asia. It is enclosed on the north (Tuva) by the Tannu Ola Range and the Sangilen Mountains in the north-east. The main feeder to ...