Why Mongolia

Mongolia is truly amazing place in its magnificent natural environment; snow-capped mountain, beautiful mountain ranges, stunning rivers and lakes, dormant volcanoes, breathtaking caves, eye-catching vast steppes, gorgeous Mongolian Gobi and Fascinating paleontological sites, which located in 1565718 square km area from the western Mongol Altai Mountain Ranges to the eastern steppes, from the northern Siberian Taiga to the Southern sand dunes. Located at the eastern and of the Central Asian Plateau between China and Russia.

The Mongols created the largest empire of the world in 13th and 14th century and has a wonderful history. Read more The Mongol empire.

Top reasons why Mongolia is more awesome than wherever you visit.

  • Magical and fascinating landscapes
  • Wonderful History - Genghis Khan and Largest Empire in World history.
  • Nomadic Culture.
  • Prehistoric caves.
  • The Gobi-Desert - World’s greatest deserts

Mongolia is an entirely different world.