Telephones calls in Mongolia

The country code for Mongolia is (976) 11... .

The city code of Ulaanbaatar is 11 although you don’t need to dial it when calling from within the city. For example, phoning Ulaanbaatar from outside of Mongolia, dial the international access code 976 plus 11 to a landline. For cellular phone is the not necessary. Satellite and cellular phones are available to buy.

Cell Phones

GSM 900 network operated by Mobicom and Unitel companies. CDMA network operated by Skytel and G-Mobile company. Aimags are covered with mobile phone network.

While traveling through Mongolia, it would be a good idea to get yourself a SIM card. They are cheap, easy to reload, and will definitely come in handy.

Texting is very cheap and is now the main form of telecommunication in the country. Most Mongolians text using Latin characters, creating a whole new (and not yet universal) alphabet in the process. Callers are only charged for outgoing calls that connect, so receiving a call and being hung up on is an invitation for you to call that person back because they probably don’t have many units. Incoming calls are not charged.

The main cell phone providers in Mongolia are: MobiCom, Skytel, G-mobile, and Unitel. Each phone company has varying coverage and plans. Some offer in-network bonuses like free talking or texting, which has led many people to carry multiple phones with multiple phone numbers on multiple SIM cards.

There are some restrictions on which domestically purchased phones allow which SIM cards. Your safest bet would probably be MobiCom because they offer the most coverage throughout the country. They also have a conveniently located main office in Ulaanbaatar with some English-speaking staff who will be able to meet your cell phone needs. The MobiCom-TEDY Center is located in the Chingeltei District on Sambuu Street between the State Department Store and Tengiis Movie Theatre.

To purchase a SIM card, you will need a valid passport and an internationally equipped cell phone. The card will cost MNT10,000 and is loaded with 5,000 units. If you do not have a cell phone that is enabled for international usage, you can purchase a cheap used cell phone upstairs in the TEDY Center, above the main MobiCom office.

Units can be purchased at most shops throughout the country. It would be helpful to know how to say your phone number in Mongolian, but you can also just write it down and show it to the shopkeeper or enter your number as a contact and show them. Numbers are spoken in pairs. For example 95292857 would be expressed as: 95-29-28-57 (ninety-five, twenty-nine, etc.). They will ask you your number and how many units you would like to purchase. MobiCom units come in packages of 1,000, 2,500, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, and 30,000. There are bonuses if you purchase more units at a time. Usually if you buy 10,000, you get an extra 1,000 free, and 30,000 gets you an extra 5,000. Units will either be given in the form of a card with a scratch-off back that reveals a secret code, or they will be electronically transferred to the phone by the shopkeeper.

Unit costs for talk time are about MNT70 per minute within network and MNT100 per minute to other networks. Text messages or SMS are MNT19 within network and MNT40 to other networks. The country code for Mongolia is +976. If you have trouble dialing a land line number (usually starting with 1 or 2) put a 0 before it.


In UB, many restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, and guesthouses offer free wireless internet, and some have computers. In the countryside, you have fewer options. Each capital has a post office communication center with an internet café inside. Look for the building with all the antennae and satellite dishes. Internet cafés typically charge MNT500-800 per hour.

If you’ll be in Mongolia for a while and need a regular and reliable internet service, several mobile phone companies, including G Mobile and MobiCom, now sell USB port wireless modems. The modems, which use SIM cards to connect, cost about $ 100 and up. The more you pay, the faster the modem. Monthly service fees are less than $ 20 a month for plans with the lowest byte transfer allowance.

Useful Phone Phrases & Words




Sounds-like survival guide

SIM card

Сим Карт

sim kart

sim kart

Hand phone (mobile)

Гар Утас

gar utas

gar utas





I would like to purchase a new sim card

Би шинэ сим карт авмаар байна.

Bi shine sim kart avmaar baina.

Be shin sim kart awmaar ban.

Do you have MobiCom Units?

Мобиком нэгж байгаа юу?

MobiCom negj baigaa yu?

MobiCom nigij bag-uh you?

What is your number?

Утасны дугаар хэд вэ?

Utasnii dugaar khed ve?

Otis-knee doogaar hid way?”

Hello. (Are you there?)

Байна уу?

Baina uu?